25 Ways to Repurpose PLR Content

repurpose PLR content

Either you hate it or you love it – PLR content is here to stay. Since the early 1990’s smart marketers have been taking advantage of white label and PLR content. However, the popularity of done-for-you (DFY) content has caused the market to become highly saturated with subpar PLR products. For this reason alone, many have deemed PLR content useless. Well, I’m here to change your mind. There are still many benefits of using PLR content in your marketing strategy, whether it is good or bad. The key is how well you repurpose PLR Content.

What is PLR Content?

Briefly, Private Label Rights (PLR) Content are digital products such as eBooks and online courses that are sold along with white label licenses and rights for its usage. In most cases, PLR content can be reused or resold “as is” or edited to an extent the license allows.

Types of PLR Content

When it comes to PLR content, there are numerous types of products available. From white label apps to WordPress themes, the list is endless. Here are a few of the most common types of PLR content

  • eBooks
  • HTML Templates
  • Articles | Blog Posts
  • eCourses
  • Worksheets
  • Graphics
  • Software

PLR Licenses

Private Label Rights

Content with Private Label Rights allows almost complete freedom with how you use the product. With private label rights, content can be edited and modified without worrying about future plagiarism or claims to copyright. Most PLR licenses allow you to claim complete ownership of the product

Resell Rights

PLR content with resell rights (RR) are products that can ONLY be sold, given away, or used for personal use. Resell rights holders are usually not allowed to make changes to the main product and can only pass on resell rights to their customers.

Master Resell Rights

With Master Resell Rights (MRR) only minor changes to the sales page and product are allowed. Depending on the publisher, PLR content issued with MRR rights can be sold “as is” along with resell rights, but usually changes to the main product are not allowed.

Personal Use License

Personal Use licenses are fairly self explanatory. PLR products issued with this license can only be used personally by the buyer. Use in commercial projects and modifications are generally excluded.

Repurposing PLR Content

We’ve reviewed what PLR content is, but how do you use it? The most effective way to utilize PLR content, no matter the format or license type is to repurpose it. Repurposing is a fancy way of saying “turn it into something else.” This is a lot easier than it sounds, and I’m here to help. With the list below you’re well on your way to maximizing the power of your PLR product.

1. Blog Content

One of the easiest, and fastest, ways to repurpose PLR content is by adding it to your blog. PLR articles are easy to find, especially on popular niches such as health and fitness. Turn these prewritten articles or eBooks into blog content. Depending on the licensing, you can post the entire article or just a portion; however, you’d have better success by expanding on the information presented in the article or use it as motivation for an opinion post. PLR eBooks can easily be broken down into smaller posts for a blog post series.

2. Newsletter | Email Marketing

PLR eBooks and articles are a great way to build a mailing list of engaged subscribers. Many PLR eBooks make excellent lead magnets and free download offers. Once you get subscribers, break an eBook into a email course or newsletter series.

3. Online Course

Want to become a course creator, but have no clue where to start? The answer lies with PLR. PLR eBooks and articles can be used to create a new, improved online course.

4. Social Media Content

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get a handle on your social media content is with PLR content. Simply find a PLR eBook on your topic and browse its contents for quotes, information, or tips that would make for a good social media post or caption.

5. Web Copy

Design a new website in minutes by repurposing PLR content for your web copy needs.

6. Infographics

Infographics are excellent visual aids for drawing attention to your blog and brand. Repurpose niche PLR products such as eBooks and articles into infographics.

7. Podcast Content

Do you have a podcast? Save time by repurposing PLR content for your podcast series. PLR content can be used to create a podcast script or as an outline to improve upon.

8. Webinar

Webinars are great for increasing your brand’s influence. Thanks to PLR content, creating a webinar doesn’t have to be difficult. Savvy brands use PLR content to create basic webinars to introduce potential customers to other products and services.

9. Video Series

The best way to repurpose PLR content is to make it better or more current. The majority of PLR products come in written (eBook/pdf) form, which can easily transformed into a video series with the right video editing program.

10. Rebrand

PLR content was created for the purpose of rebranding. Rebranding is as simply as editing the product cover, description, title, and/or theme.

11. SEO

Search engine optimization is how brand’s get listed on the first page of Google search results. Since most PLR is niche-focused, it’s a great SEO tool. Use PLR eBooks and articles for keyword research and to develop web copy and HTML headlines that will help you rank higher on Google.

12. eCommerce Site

Did you know many PLR products can be sold “as is?” This means you can easily launch an eCommerce site selling PLR merchandise such as WordPress plugins, HTML templates, software, eBooks and graphics. Carefully read the product license to make sure it can be sold freely.

13. Sales Copy

Create engaging sales copy that converts by simply repurposing PLR content related to your niche.

14. Branded eBook

Are you ready to stand out in your field? Publishing a book is a proven method of increasing your personal brand influence. Repurposing PLR content, eBooks in particular, makes this an easy task to complete. Simple find a suitable PLR product and modify by adding your personal photos, logo, and brand colors.

15. Scripts

Write a script for your podcast or YouTube channel using PLR products as an outline. Whether you’re new to podcasting or a seasoned expert, you can take advantage of PLR products to grow your podcast following.

16. Presentation

Presentations are an excellent way to introduce your brand or up-and-coming products and services. However, planning a presentation does take research, time, and effort. PLR eBooks and pdf guides make creating presentations much easier.

17. Membership Site

Many marketers turn a quick buck by reselling PLR products. You can do the same by launching a paid PLR membership site. There are several different membership models you can follow, but generally, customers pay a monthly fee to have access to new, improved PLR products.

18. Content Bundles

Another common way smart marketers repurpose PLR products is by creating niche content bundles. Content bundles usually contain several different PLR products on the same topic, which have been edited and repackaged into something new.

19. Affiliate Site

An affiliate site is an informative website dedicated to promoting affiliate products and links. PLR content can cut the time it takes to create a new affiliate site in half. Since most PLR content is niche focused, it’s fairly easy to find a PLR eBook or product to serve as a guide for your site layout, keywords, and web copy.

20. Giveaways

Want to grow your email list or social media following? Why not try a giveaway? Giveaway an enticing PLR product for free to people who like your Facebook page, follow your blog, or share a tweet about your brand.

21. Autoresponder Series

Autoresponder email courses are very popular and can help you increase your brand visibility and following. Do you want to be a course creator? You can be easily with the right PLR product. The quickest way to create an autoresponder email course using PLR is to break down an eBook into a series of 5-10 emails. Within hours, you’re a course creator.

22. Resell

Many smart marketers have made decent money simply by reslling PLR products. Select a niche, find PLR products, build a site, and you’re on your way to PLR profits.

23. Graphics

Canva, Photoshop, and Affinity Design users can make money converting PLR content into digital and web graphics. No content marketing plan is complete without visual media. Wise designers can carve a space for themselves by creating visually appealing PLR graphics such as social media images, flyers, and templates.

24. Create New Products

PLR products are great, but they can always be better. Brainstorm ways you can turn your favorite PLR ebooks and content into new, informative PLR products.

25. Inspiration | Outline

No matter your goals, PL,R products c an be used to help you reach them. Whether you want to create a course or design a new website, PLR products can be used as inpiration or an outline for a solid foundation.


The ways to repurpose PLR content is endless. For years, digital marketers and business savvy folks have used PLR products to get ahead of the competition. Whether you’re creating a Instagram course or a digital marketing webinar, PLR products can be used for inspiration, research, or as a blueprint.

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