Understanding PLR Content

Everything you need to know about PLR, White Label, and Resell Rights

Every wondered how certain bloggers and brands are able to push out content so fast? Well, here’s an industry secret – many use freelancers, ghostwriters, or prewritten, rebrandable content otherwise known as PLR, or private label rights content.

PLR content comes in multiple formats, but whether it’s a ebook, article, or social media post it is accompanied with exclusive rights and privileges for its to use.

Understanding PLR Content

What is PLR Content? PLR content is a digital product or content that gives you the right to claim authorship or copyright, depending on the licensing rights. PLR content has been around for years, and is also referred to as White Label Content or Done-for-you (DFY) content.

Although these terms are used interchangeably, there are minor differences that should be mentioned.

PLR Content

PLR Content is often used as an umbrella term for any content sold with some type of licensing or resell rights. This is a common misconception that can lead to future copyright issues. Private Label content gives you full access to claim ownership, copyright, or authorship of the product. PLR content is so popular among web designers and digital marketers. With a PLR product, you instantly become an expert in your field or industry by purchasing a PLR eBook and republishing it as your own.

Quality PLR content is highly sought after because it allows so much freedom for its use. PLR Content is often rewritten or repackaged as a new, improved product, making it simple to create an ecommerce site with little effort. In earlier years, savvy marketers were able to generate millions of dollars in revenue by republishing PLR content. However, the market has changed and many PLR creators place limits on the use of their products to eliminate oversaturation.

PLR vs. Resell Rights

As stated above, PLR content can be edited and changed into new products. It is important to remember that not all content advertised as PLR actually is. All too often, content with use limitations is group or included with PLR ebooks and content.

Content that can be sold and redistributed, but not altered or edited is known as resell rights content. Resell rights content can be sold “as is” and all copyrights remain with the original creator.

Master Resell Rights

With Master Resell Rights, content is sold “as is” to the customer, along with distribution rights. This means that you purchase those rights and then can sell and pass them on to your customers.

Other Types of PLR

Although the three license types above are most common, there are others that are important to note. Giveaway Rights allows a piece of content to be used exclusively for giveaway purposes. This means that the user cannot profit by giving the product away. Personal Use Rights allows a piece of content or digital product to be used for personal use only. This means you can use the content on your personal website or blog, on your newsletter, or on social media platforms. With Personal Use products, resell rights are not passed on and the content cannot be edited or changed in anyway.


There is a lot of great information online about PLR content. However, not all of this information is accurate. When searching for PLR content, make sure to read the product description and licensoieng rights carefully. Take your time. Do your homework and research. If used properly, PLR content can help you with ecommerce, content planning, email marketing, and so much more.

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